Treehouse, holiday in Sweden

“In all my travels the two things
my eyes scout for
are trees and water”

A hike through the Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse bathhouse

The Treehouse littlehouse

The Treehouse interior

The Treehouse heater

The Treehouse table

The Treehouse bunkbed

The Treehouse bunkbed

The Treehouse sofa

The Treehouse outdoor kitchen

Like in a book, I made my dream come true. A hand-built tree house at four and a half meters high. You immediately feel at home, surrounded by trees. The great thing is that you can now experience that too, because we like to share our work of art. Sleeping at height releases a special dimension, similar to the birds and squirrels. It should be back to basics, then you experience more intensely. Nature is all around you and you don’t need anything else. The tree house is hidden in the forests of Swedish Värmland. The cozy cottage has a bunk bed with fresh linen and a table and two chairs for writing, reading a book or daydreaming.

On the ground floor there is a clean compost toilet and a shower/washing facility on solar heat, but the real tough guys will of course lie in the stream. There is also an outdoor kitchen, equipped for two people. One of the best activities is cooking outside and everything tastes so much better in the open air.

From the tree house you step straight into the wilderness. There is so much to see in flora and fauna and the lake of StorEn sparkles at you, crystal clear. Walking, cycling, canoeing, or rather lying down, listening and reading. You can fully immerse yourself in the Swedish natural beauty and fully recharge. Spotting wildlife in the large StorEn nature reserve is a favorite here. Fill your backpack and hit the road, it will do you good. The treehouse will wait for you and receive you for the night, a night to remember.

“The Treehouse will embrace and nurture you,
leave when you are healed

A hike around the Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Treehouse

The Swedes have many nice habbits, two of which are very nice.

Fika is one of them. Fika is a kind of short coffee/tea break with something delicious on the side, actually 7 different tasty baked goods, a few times a day. Can you already see yourself sitting in the treehouse? A nice cup of coffee and all kinds of goodies in good company and you only hear the rustling of the trees.

Lagom is the second.

More of a way of life really. The Swedes are not fooled, they take a step back to examine things with different eyes and take enough time for relaxation, for example sleeping in a treehouse.

The surroundings of the TreeHouse are perfect for a hiking. During the tours you will be amazed, because the nature here is truly beautiful. You walk through the varied landscape around the lake “StorEn” and inhale the pure, healthy air. Rocks, the flowing streams, narrow valleys, plateaus with a panoramic view of the area and endless lakes: you will come across it all.

From the TreeHouse you enter  in the middle of the nature of “StorEn”. How you discover that is entirely up to you! A cycling or hiking trip can just be on your activity list, but you can also hop in a canoe to discover how beautiful this part of Sweden can be.

So bring hiking shoes and hike through this beautiful nature. Experience the wildlife of this region in beautiful Sweden. Maybe an encounter with the moose, wolf, bear, fox, lynx and or beaver. And after this hiking adventure you can relax again in the TreeHouse Maybe an idea to finally read that one book! Or do nothing, let your feet cool off in the stream in front of the TreeHouse.

“I took a walk in the woods,
And came out taller then the trees”

Book the Treehouse

Rental from: 75 euros per night, two adults for a minimum of two nights at 150 euros.

It is easy to get here by car, we provide a good route description.

The TreeHouse is quite remote and we have our own pick up service. The easiest way is to get to Karlstad by train, we will wait for you there and take you to the Treehouse. Costs are 50 euros. This ride takes about an hour.

We can help you with breakfast, lunch and dinner, if you have a special diet please let us know. We can deliver your first order from the supermarket when you arrive at the TreeHouse, just let us know. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are not included in the price.

Cancellation: The total price of the reservation will be charged after the reservation is made. You can cancel free of charge up to 14 days before arrival. In case of later cancellation or no-show, the total price of the reservation will not be refunded.


“Some call it and adventure,
We call it a way of life”

Reactions on the Treehouse

“Silence has a noise of happiness,
you will hear that here

Contact the Treehouse

Ena Västra Nytorp
68495 Höje
Tel +46 (0)76-118 62 50


How do I get to the tree house?

The tree house is about 1 hour drive from Karlstad. It is easily accessible by car, train and plane.

By car: set your navigation to Ena Västra Nytorp, 68495 Höje.

Coordinates: SWEREF 99 TM  N 6641416, E 414684
59,901402⁰ 13,474921⁰

By train: your final destination by train is Karlstad, from there you take the bus to Höje (bus 600). We will pick you up here and then it will be a 10-minute drive to the treehouse.

By plane: you fly to Stockholm / Arlanda and then take a domestic flight to Hagfors (book via We can pick you up at Hagfors Airport and then it is a 20 minute drive to the tree house.

You can rent a car at both Stockholm/Arlanda and Hagfors Airport.

When can the treehouse be booked?

The tree house can be booked from May 1 to October 1.

Where can I park my car?

There is a parking lot 50 meters from the tree house where you can park 1 car.

Is there gas/electricity/wifi/water at the tree house?

Yes there is a 2 burner gas stove connected to a gas bottle for cooking in the outdoor kitchen.

Yes there is limited electricity, there is a battery with 2 USB connections. Also take a headlamp with you if you go to the outdoor toilet in the middle of the night.

Yes we have WIFI and 4g mobile coverage.

Yes there is drinking water from a jerrycan (which is refilled daily) at the outdoor kitchen.

Shower water comes from the stream that flows past the tree house and comes in a plastic bag that can warm up in the sun.

The WC is a dry toilet according to proven Swedish use. Water for flushing is therefore not necessary.

For heating in the tree house there is a stove that works on petroleum and when you turn the stove on and off you can smell it a bit.

4 liters of petroleum is included in the rent.

Where can I do my shopping.

In Munkfors (14 km drive) are 2 supermarkets. There are also a few pizzerias and 2 gas stations.

Ena Västra Nytorp
68495 Höje
Tel +46 (0)76-118 62 50

Treehouse, holiday in Sweden

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